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corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australiaHOVER OVER TITLES ABOVE FOR DROP DOWN MENUS
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia

Asia-Pacific's leading driver education provider

Safe Drive Training offers a range of driver education products and training programs to private participants, education institutions, multinational companies (with global Health and Safety policies), local industry, police and government departments.

Up to 8000 drivers complete Safe Drive Training programs annually across the Asia-Pacific region. We have trained over 80,000 drivers since 1996 (importantly more than 80,000 novice drivers have benefited from our safe driving programs).

International Experience, Local Knowledge

Whilst the same principles of car control and safe driving apply universally across the Globe, every country has unique road rules, vehicles, road conditions, licensing standards and weather which combine to create different driver behaviours.

With our Head Office in Brisbane (Australia), Safe Drive Training is exposed to international best practice regarding road safety and driver education techniques in a country with a highly developed road safety industry. However by developing strategic partnerships and regional offices in Singapore, Port Moresby, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Mumbai, Safe Drive Training can deliver training more economically with local instructors (in local languages) and address the local driving culture, all backed by worlds-best-practice standards and resources.

Safe Drive Training regularly conducts driver training projects across Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Singapore.

Training has also been delivered in Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Taiwan, Nepal, Fiji, Laos, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Thailand and the Philippines.

This international experience allows Safe Drive Training to tailor our training programs to suit the specific conditions and unique problems encountered in each country.








Training programs that meet worlds best-practice techniques and training methodology.

Safe Drive Training delivers PowerPoint based training packages to ensure a consistent standard of course content, regardless of the instructor. Training programs include a mixture of lecture, demonstration, practical experience and assessment.

Car Control programs adopt skill-failure experience methodology to show participants the limit of their vehicle and driving skills. In addition right-way, wrong-way training is used to break habitual driving behaviors. For some programs IVMS (in-vehicle monitoring systems) can be used to provide participants with additional feedback.

A member of peak industry bodies

Safe Drive Training (Aust) Pty Ltd is a member of the IVV (the International Association for Driver Education), the Australian Driver Trainers Association and the Road Safety Educators Association. Our Managing Director is a member of the Australian College of Road Safety and he has presented papers on driver education in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

In partnership with other leading training providers

Safe Drive Training (Aust) Pty Ltd has entered into strategic partnerships with the following training schools:

  • Xvolution (Singapore)
  • Indonesia Defensive Driving Center (IDDC)
  • Nashworks Motoring (India)
  • SDS Driver Training (Romania)
  • Drive Safe Australia (Western Australia)

This provides SDT with access to professional advanced driving instructors across Asia, who have unique local knowledge and the ability to deliver training programs and events in a range of languages. This relationship provides our local partners with access to worlds-best practice training programs and the experience and backing of Asia-Pacific's leading driving school.

Supported by companies dedicated to improving road safety

Safe Drive Training (Aust) Pty Ltd is proudly supported by:

Unique training resources are available

Safe Drive Training has produced a range of driver training handbooks, videos, PowerPoint Presentations and written tests for use by High Schools, Driving Schools and Parents. Our Safe Driving Video (and DVD) is used by 1250 High Schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. Many companies use this video to build-on the training provided. A modified version of our video is also used by the highly acclaimed NRMA as part of their Safe Driving Programs. In 1999, Safe Drive Training sent a free copy of our Safe Driving educational Handbook to every High School and Driving School in Australia and New Zealand .

Safe Drive Training offer a range of Driver Training Simulators

Safe Drive Training is the Exclusive Distributor for the Fatal Vision range of alcohol and drug education resources, including the full range of Fatal Vision Drunk Driving Simulation Goggles Concussion Goggle, Marijuana Goggle and the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE) Drunk Driving Go-kart. We are also a distributor for Skid Tyre, Radar Guns, Redline Disposable Alcohol Tests and other driver education materials.

Our people

We employ good communicators rather than just skilled race drivers.

Our instructors are accredited and highly experienced driver training instructors who are committed to developing safe drivers. All SDT senior trainers are subject to CPD and hold Cert IV Assessment and Training qualifications and first aid/CPR qualifications. Some of our instructors are leading race drivers, ex-Police, ex-teachers and several are current fire fighters.

Safe Drive Training is covered by $20 million Public and Product Liability Insurance and $1 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Training Highlights

  • Safe Drive Training instructors were part of the team of Drive Safe Australia instructors that provided the driver training for the 1995 Adelaide F1 Grand Prix Celebrity Race.
  • Safe Drive Training were appointed by IMG and Ateco Automotive (Suzuki distributors) to conduct the Celebrity Driver Training for the 1996 Gold Coast Indy Car Grand Prix. This event remains as the only Celebrity Race held in Australia were no vehicles were damaged during the training or the actual race (even with the challenging street-circuit layout on the Gold Coast)
  • SDT Instructors worked for the Porsche Driving Experience Training Program, at the Mt. Cotton Training Centre (1997),
  • Team Leaders for the 1999 Proton World Tour (Cairns-Melbourne-Sydney) - the Australian media launch of Satria GTI
  • Appointed by Yokohama Tyres to conduct the Asia-Pacific Media Launch for the A539 Tyre (2001), at Darlington Park Raceway (Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Awarded Highly Commended in the 2001 Queensland Road Safety Awards for our High School Driver Training Program. Awarded Highly Commended in the 2005 Queensland Road Safety Awards for our Physics in Motion Science Program.
  • Appointed by BF Goodrich to conduct the media launch for the g-force Sport Tyre ( Brisbane , 2003) the "Got What it Takes" g-Force Sport Launch at Queensland Raceway and the Mt. Cotton Training Centre remains the largest tire launch ever conducted in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Appointed by Michelin to conduct the launch of the Pilot Sport Tyre at the Sepang F1 Circuit (Malaysia 2004)
  • Appointed as the training managers for the 2004 Asian Motorsports Festival. Asian Motorsports Festival Launch at BRC Circuit, Bangkok (ACI Conferences) and the JDM Track Day and Supercar Sunday at Sepang F1 Circuit , Malaysia (AMF/ACI Conferences)
  • Appointed by GTRadial Tyres to conduct Ride and Drive Programs across Australia
  • Appointed by Mercedes Benz China to conduct Ride and Drive Programs for the S-350 model during 2006/07 (conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Dalian)
  • Appointed to run the X-box 360/FHM Forza Motorsports 2 Drift School (Tokachi International Speedway, Japan)
  • Appointed to conduct the media launch for the "Conti-Sport Contact 3" at Eastern Creek Raceway (Sydney, 2007) for Tyres 4U
  • Appointed by Audi Asia-Pacific to conduct the customer launch for the Audi A4 model (Singapore 2008)
  • Appointed by Pirelli Asia-Pacific to conduct a dealer ride and drive event in Taiwan (December 2008)
  • Appointed by Exxon-Mobil PNG to become the baseline driver training program (replacing Smith Systems)
  • Appointed by Indonesia Police to conduct training to their senior instructors (2012 & 2013, 2019)
  • Appointed by Singapore Government (via tender) to deliver tactical driver training over 6 weeks

Where it all started

In 1990, Graham Neilsen and his friend Bob Townsend started Safe Drive Training (part-time operation) as an offshoot of their motorsport activities. In 1995, Graham's son (Joel) joined the company as a trainee instructor. In 1996, operations became fulltime and our High School training program started (then known as the Quest Safe Drive 1000). In 2001, Joel and his wife Kylie purchased Safe Drive Training from Graham and Bob. From these humble beginnings Safe Drive Training has developed to become the leader in the field of driver education and training in the Asia-Pacific region.

Safe Drive Training's aim is to improve the road safety and driver education of all road users.


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corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
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