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SDT is the exclusive distributor for Fatal Vision Alcohol and Drug Education products.

This includes the following impairment goggles:

                • Marijuana Simulation Experience
                • Alcohol Impairment Goggles
                • Concussion Goggles
                • Drowsy/Distracted Driving Goggles

The first step in convincing people to drive sober is to draw their attention to your message. One of the quickest ways to get participants involved and interested in your awareness and prevention program is to engage them with hands-on learning tools and activities. Fatal Vision Goggles provide various activities that help you engage and educate about the consequences of alcohol, marijuana/THC, drowsiness or distractions on a person's driving skills.

These goggles provide hands-on interactive learning and experiences the participants will never forget.

Please watch the following promotional video about the Alcohol impairment Goggles:

There are 5 different alcohol levels available each with either a tinted (night) lens or clear (day) lens:

The goggles can be purchased in a range of training kits which include additional educational resources to help you to facilitate your training/awareness program.



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